Mentor Scheme

Mentor Scheme


KYN aims to build a support network for all ages in our community. Our network consists of a large number of successful individuals from a wide range of background and specialities. Therefore the KYN mentor scheme serves as a support network for the younger generation.

The aims of the mentor scheme are to:

  • Inspire younger members of the community by demonstrating success stories
  • Encourage younger members in their educational goals.
  • Providing insights on careers by organising workshops, networking events, CV writing advice, UCAS application advice and much more.
  • Work and support each other to progress in our fields.
  • Enable communication between all age groups.
  • Possible Work experience and employment opportunities.

How does it work?

If you like to be a Mentor – Please visit our Mentor Sign Up page or click here.
To be a Mentee or just want some career advice – Please email us at